We offer You the following Payment Methods. Just Choose the type of payment That Is ideal for You. Shipping Costs depend in part on the type of Payment chosen. The prices quoted in the respective offers represent final prices. They include all price components, including any applicable taxes such as VAT. Only in the case of cross-border Delivery can further Taxes (E.g. in the Case of intra-Community acquisition) and Levies (E.g. customs duties) be payable by you, but not to the Seller, but to the customs or Tax Authorities responsible there. The applicable delivery and Shipping Costs are not included in the Purchase price, they are available via the “Shipping costs” Page, are shown separately during the Order process and are to be borne by You in Addition.

Bank Transfer (Advance payment)

Please transfer the Total Amount of Your Order to our Account:

Account Holder: Adrian Linack
Credit Institute: Fidor Bank
IBAN: DE10700222000020371033

Please include your order number when it Is used So that we can assign Your Payment to Your Order!

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Only possible on Demand .